Reality Mentor Incorporated (RMI), is a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Conceived and founded in 2005 by Freddye M. Davis, RMI is headquartered in Hayward, California.

With several years of leadership in her local and statewide community, Ms. Davis became keenly aware of the fact that many youth lacked the personal and professional skills to adequately evaluate, pursue and attain positions of employment.  She understood that this deficit in skills also contributed to an inability to pursue career guidance.  After years of meetings, committees and strategic planning with community leaders and concerned parents, it was determined “now is the time for change” to develop our next generation of leaders.

With initial financial commitments from community members and local businesses, RMI opened its doors and began forging strong partnerships with school districts and other organizations serving youth. Today RMI staff and partners continue to expand the scope of mentoring program services.

RMI currently operates a mentorship program and career exploration resource centers with local schools through a formalized connection between corporate professionals and community youth.  In the Spring of 2007, RMI launched its first class of thirty 9th graders attending high schools within the Hayward Unified School District. In the fall of 2007, RMI welcomes Fremont Unified School District to the RMI Mentoring Program with nineteen 9th grade students. In the future, RMI will continue to expand its scope of services to include high school students in other Alameda County communities as well as college undergraduates.