Mentoring Organizations

Mentoring organizations represent many industries, large and small, public and private.  This diverse group affords RMI mentees a broad view of potential career options.

Mentoring organizations benefit in many ways from their association with RMI.  The participation of individuals from these organizations reflects the importance that these groups place on the development of local human resource talent.  In addition to sharing knowledge of specific job functions, mentors have a unique opportunity to further refine their personal communication and leadership skills.  The result of this interaction is the ability to influence the career paths of RMI mentees and potentially encourage internships and/or employment within mentoring organizations.

Mentors must complete the RMI Mentor Training Program and maintain professional coaching relationship for a minimum of one year.  An important byproduct of their involvement is increased awareness of RMI inside their place of employment and in the greater Bay Area community.

Mentoring organizations also support RMI with a contribution of $1,500 for each mentor/mentee relationship.

See more about participating mentoring organizations here.