Become a Mentoring Organization

Whether your firm is a Fortune 500 corporation, a mid-size company, or a sole proprietorship, we encourage you to consider becoming an RMI Mentoring Organization.  Offices within the local, state and federal government footprint and educational institutions are also welcome.  Our goal is to provide RMI mentees with mentors who hold a variety of jobs in a diverse group of organizations.

Maybe you own a franchise; or work for one of our Bay Area professional sports teams; or are employed by one of our many local transportation agencies.  Maybe you are a coach or professor at one of our area colleges or universities; or own an art gallery; or are a banker at one of our many financial institutions.  The very fact that you have a job may represent hope to a young person that they, too, may one day have the same opportunities that you have. 

RMI staff stands ready to assist you in introducing our program into your workplace.  With your help, we will schedule an appointment with appropriate representatives of your organization to review the scope of our program.  It is worth the effort even if we only secure on mentor because we know that with each mentor that comes on board we are able to help one more young person.   

If you are interested in arranging a meeting at your place of employment, please contact us at or by calling us at 510.733.6441


For more information on our current Mentoring Organizations click here

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