What is a Mentee?

A mentee is one who desires and receives advice from a trusted counselor.  RMI mentors join a wide circle of adults including parents, guardians, principals, teachers, school counselors, coaches and extended family in providing a stable and supportive environment for RMI mentees.  

RMI mentees begin the RMI Mentoring Program as 9th graders and assuming that they meet the agreed upon criteria will continue through their high school graduation.  They are all initially selected to participate in the RMI Mentoring Program by their high school principal.  After completing an application and participating in an in-person interview with RMI staff, mentees are selected to join the program.  Upon selection, mentees must complete a two-hour training program prior to being matched with a mentor.   

We believe that it is critical to have parents and/or guardians as partners in establishing and maintaining promising relationships with their children.  As soon as students are selected to join our program, parents and/or guardians are required to grant written permission for their child to participate.  They further agree to work with their child to ensure that they follow program guideline and attend and are on time to their various RMI activities.  Parents are also involved in an initial training program designed to meet their specific needs and address their concerns. 

Mentee Application

Parent/guardian should: