Event Sponsor

RMI hosts one major mentoring organization recruitment event annually.  We identify organizations and businesses throughout the Bay Area that reflect the employment/internship desires of our mentees.  These organizations are invited to a reception where current program participants speak to their varied mentoring experiences. 

Each year we hold one kickoff event for the incoming group of mentees and mentors. This event allows the RMI team an opportunity to appropriately welcome our new participants and their families.

In December, RMI has a year-end nondenominational holiday Open House at our offices in Hayward.  It’s a time for all of our program participants, family and friends to stop by to reconnect as the program reaches its mid-point.

Early summer is the time when RMI gathers all stakeholders in a year-end appreciation event.  For the mentees who remained committed to their goals, this is a time for acknowledgement of a job well done and encouragement to apply new skills throughout the summer.

We invite you to contact Reality Mentor for additional information on how you or your organization can become an RMI Event Sponsor.  You may reach us at reality_mentor@att.net or by phone at 510.733.6441.